Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner App Reviews

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Love it, but...

Its a great tuner for all instruments and singing, but itll be even nicer if it has a more modern interface since all apps design are becoming like that.

Once good, now useless

While once a very effective and useful app, the needle/note readout is constantly in motion across a huge range of notes, making tuning virtually impossible. I thought maybe ambient sound was affecting it, but other tuning apps are not experiencing similar issues. This surfaced after a previous iOS update ( around 8) and continues to date (9.3.5). Not currently recommended. If the issue was resolved, I would highly recommend.

Cool and nice

Nice design and functional.

Great Tuner

I’ve used this app on my iPhone since I had a 3GS. Updates are rare and that’s a good thing because there’s really nothing to improve on. Nothing burns me more than a useless update for no reason. It’s more accurate and sensitive than any real tuner you could buy for twice the price or more. Very easy to use. Like virtually all tuner apps that use the internal mic of the device, it will be susceptible to ambient noise in the vicinity of the guitar being tuned. I get around that by laying the tuner directly on the guitar with the mic facing the sound hole.

Historical tunings

I use it all the time with my period instrument ensemble. It has replaced an expensive tuner. I am so happy that it includes historical temperaments.

Does not work dont purchase

Support is non existent it quit working support is unreachable


This is worthless in my opinion. Not accurate at all.


As a string teacher I use this app on a daily basis and I love it. It hears string bass notes which is super helpful and works well on harmonics as well! Love it. My only suggestion/request is can we add a widget to the today screen/notification bar? I would love to not have to unlock my phone every time a student bumps their instrument and I have to retune everything. That tiny change would revolutionize time management in the classroom setting.


Ive had this app for years and it has worked great. I upgraded to the i6 s plus and it is constantly moving without any string being plucked

Need update


Do not buy!! Faulty app!!

App DOES NOT WORK!! ZERO customer service!! Will not refund money!! No communication!! Tuning needle will not stay still for a second, jumps all over the place!! Avoid this app!!

Great app but...

Ive had this app for quite a while now and have thoroughly enjoyed its usefulness. With Apples recent updates and such the tuner lost its controllability. My needle now dances all over the place and I have contacted the company regarding this and they said they were working on a fix but I havent seen one and it has been months now. My wife has the same app but hasnt updated her iOS and the app works flawlessly. Im still waiting for the newest update for the erratic needle fix.

Stopped working properly.

Used this app for a long time and loved it. Was always spot on and very easy and quick to use. Recently upgraded from iPhone 5s to a 6 and its not accurate anymore

Best tuner!

I use this tuner every day, super easy and accurate

Great tuner

Great way to tune my violin! Dont know how to tune so I just use this! Get it. Really useful. Doesnt take much memory

the perfect tuner for professional musicians AND students

I love Cleartune. It is easy to use and pretty to look at. I’ve said for a few years now, this is the kind of app I expect to be required at conservatory. I teach all ages and levels, so I am thrilled to be able to use the same app for everyone. The features I use the most are the tuner (with the tone generator or the needle display) and the selectable waveform. I notice that many students are able to hear the intonation differently depending on the waveform shape. I love being able to adjust this for each individual ear.

Much worse than free apps

I wasnt impressed with the free tuner apps, but this is even worse!

Very cool. Test your hearing.

I bought it to tune my guitar and to just play with sounds. However, I discovered it is an excellent way to test your hearing. Turn the volume down some and use a good set of earphones to test your hearing for losses. People with hearing loss could actually use this to track the character of their hearing loss over time. Musicians or people who like to listen to loud music could use it to be sure theyre not losing hearing as time goes on. Useful.

Works great, easy to use with uncluttered display

I purchased this after buying another app that was inaccurate and useless for tuning my harpsichord to historical temperaments (Kimberger, meantone, Vilotti, Werckmeister). This one works correctly and the display is easy to read and uncluttered. Highly recommended!

Needs refined

Needs a pitch sound. Worst problem is its spastic. Please steady tuner then I will increase stars.

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