Cleartune App Reviews

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Very good!

I tried a few other tuning apps but this one is the best by far. Very accurate and easy to read!

Best tuner out there

Fast, easy to use, and most importantly accurate.

Works perfectly

I purchased this for use on the bandstand tuning my trumpets, cornet, and flugelhorn. It works perfectly, even with other musicians warming up around me. If I direct my bell at the iPhone, Cleartune seems to lock onto my sound and ignore the others. Its even more sensitive and accurate than my $25 Korg tuner!

Works Great !

If youre planing to buy an ipod tuner, this ones the best !

Latest update

Hi. The latest update crashes when I go into the settings menu.. If you could kindly review and fix please? Thanks. Tim

Great app

Looks great, works great. Its all I ask from any app.

A really great tuner!

I really like the upper display that gives a more precise reading. Does the app support a microphone adapter that plugs into the headphone jack (to tune at the same time as everybody else in orchestra)? Thank you!

Great app

But it would be even better if the screen lock was disabled while the app was in use. Possible?


I stopped using my old electric tuner as This works better. And if im at a buddys house i can tune his guitar if he is clueless and cant find his/her tuner. Truly perfect!

Love this tuner!!!

This is the best tuner Ive ever had ... I got sick of finding my other tuners dead in my case because the power button could be activated by rubbing on something else in my case!! I always have an accurate and functioning tuner at my fingertips now - thanks!!


Its very well functional and easy to use. Try it!


Accurate. Quick. Worth the price.


works great, used with iRig. and was in tune perfectly. just saved me 100$ for a boss tuner. i have in the tuner out on my amp works perfect. very acurate and looks great too.

Great app

As a music teacher, I use this app all the time. Its fantastic because its so easy for my students to read - both visually with the spinning dial, and technically because it shows how many cents youre off by.

Totally recommended

I used this at my trumpet lessons yesterday it works awesome! If you need a tuner app get this for sure

Pretty good.... But

Does not tune piano at low or high end Very well at all, too jumpy to get a reading. The middle 5 octave tune fine. I just got this app, is there an update to get the low and high strings to work?

Professional Tuner

This tuner is truly a musicians best friend. The tuner app is quite sensitive to pitch and will not hesitate to expose your flaws. A perfect tool for any professional or aspiring musician.


This app is definetly well made. It possesses a simple, easy to use design that will tune any string on any instrument to the required degree. Thank you Mr. Finn for this app. The price is reasonable and it gets the job done.

Very satisfied. MUST BUY!

This app is very well made. I can rest easy now knowing I dont have to fret if I forget my tuner at home! (Pun intended.) In fact, I dont use my standalone tuner. It is very accurate and deadly simple to use. This app works best for guitar, but Ive used it on other string instruments as well. It doesnt work too well for piano at high or low scale, but then again, who tunes their own piano. I recommend this app too every musician I know. Very impressive!

Unbelievably accurate for electric guitar

I like the damping option that calms the needle when setting intonation. I have set the intonation on four of my electrics so far and they now play in tune. Cost is ridiculously low for the quality. Recommend trying the stretch tuned guitar option to set intonation. Open chords in the first position sound more in tune than equal temperament settings. Its an ear thing!!!!

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